Strictly dancing tea cosy 

Strictly dancing tea cosy was knitted to celebrate my daughter’s wedding.  It’s based on a pattern by Deb Birken and knitted in 8 ply wool except for the flesh coloured parts which are in 4ply.

I’ve adapted the pattern by sewing press studs so the dancers can be joined in multiple positions for a bit of fun!    


Shades of Grace tea cosy

Shades of Grace is a farewell present for a work colleague Grace in her favourite colours – shades of blue with touches of purple.
Adapted from the Owl pattern in Easy Knitted Tea Cosies by Lee Ann Garrett.

Knitted in a beautiful teal shade of Mousse 70% wool and 30% soba. Lined with navy blue Cosy wool from Lincraft.
Finished off with my daughter Kathryn’s free-form flowers sewn with jewel beads.
Shades of Grace is warm, deep and joyous just like her namesake!


Toast Tea Cosy

Toast Tea Cosy is knitted in a beautiful 8 ply beige angora/wool mix.  She’s based on a pattern from the book Tea Cosies 2. She was relatively easy to knit using a simple cable stitch but you must admit her simple lines are just beautiful.  All finished with a lovely velvet ribbon.

Toast was a 60th birthday present for a friend.


Little Black Dress Tea Cosy

IMG_0064Little Black Dress is a classy tea cosy for a very classy lady. She’s knitted in a beautiful 8 ply wool, using moss stitch predominantly. She’s based on a pattern from the book Tea Cosies 2  but I have made her a bit plainer and I hope more stylish by omitting the ribbon and knitted flower (the knitted flower just didn’t look right). Don’t you just love her pearls!

Little Black Dress was a birthday present for a very stylish friend. Here she is in her new home

Flower Garden Tea Cosy

Flower Garden Tea Cosy is a pretty cosy just made for a small 2 cup tea pot.  She is knitted using 2 strands of 8 ply wool for the body, and embroidered afterwards.  The body is knitted from the pattern on Imagejustjen’s knits&stitches blog, however I’ve added a flower knitted (clematis) from the book 100 flowers to knit and crochet.

Flower Garden was a birthday present for a work colleague.



Top knot tea cosy

Isn’t she pretty? Top Knot was a 40th birthday present for a friend who’s favourite colour is pink!

The body of Top knot tea cosy was knitted from the pattern Contemporary Cool in the book Tea Cozies.

The top knot flower was knitted a pattern for floribunda rose in 100 flowers to knit and crochet.

The little flowers were crafted by my daughter and then were sewn around the bottom edge of the cosy and decorated with plastic beads.

Next time I would knit a lining for Top Knot as I think it would have it even cosier!

Washing day tea cosy

Washing day tea cosy was knitted from a pattern in the book Tea Cozies 2. It’s knitted in garter and stocking stitch using 2 strands of 8 ply wool for the body and 4ply wool for the washing hanging on the line.

I had a lot of fun knitting this cosy.  Washing day tea cosy on a white Maxwell 6cup infuser teapot was a Christmas present for a hardworking teacher friend of mine and came with the message to enjoy the outdoors and school holidays.

Poinsettia tea cosy

Poinsettia is one of my favourite tea cosies, knitted in cream and red 8 ply wool. It’s based on a free internet pattern for a cabled tea cosy from the December 1946 “My Home” Magazine.

I started knitting the flowers in the original cosy pattern but was unhappy with the result.  Instead, after purchasing 100 Flowers to knit and crochet, I knitted the poinsettia flower on page 48 using 8 ply wool.  I think it looks lovely together!

My poinsettia tea cosy on a red Maxwell infuser pot was a Christmas present for my “twin” Maria who was born on the exact same day as myself.

Strawberry cosy

Strawberry tea cosy was another of my firsts – I was exploring variations for red and cream 8ply wool. It’s based on a free Internet pattern by Katya Frankel available for download through Ravelry

My eldest daughter took this cosy home and it now clothes a 6 cup white teapot she bought online.

I like Strawberry because it’s an easy stocking stitch knit with the only tricky bit being the green stalk at the top which is knitted in the round. Nice and fast for a quick gift!

I made another Strawberry tea cosy for my daughter’s work friend  for her birthday.  I used yellow wool for the pips this time but I think it looks equally good knitted with cream pips! Because it’s unlined you have to be careful that the shape of your teapot works. It looks good on a 6 cup Maxwell infuser pot.

Striped cosy

Striped tea cosy is another one of my first attempts at knitting tea cosies. It’s based on the free Internet pattern by Rosan Hoban for a traditional tea cosy.

Striped tea cosy was knitted in 8 ply red and cream pure wool. It’s another pleated cosy, so quite traditional in design.

Because I have never learnt to crochet, the flower on top was a bit of a stumbling block. I ended up knitting my version of a circle in the round without a pattern and drew it up in the middle to create a flower.

My youngest daughter liked this cosy the best so it now has pride of place at her house on a red Maxwell 6 cup infuser pot.

I also knitted a smaller version in blues and again had the same issue about finishing the cosy. This time I knitted up the top from the Check Mate tea cosy pattern in the book Tea Cosies. I think it looks OK. This cosy was originally knitted for a 4 cup baby blue William James teapot but I was never quite  happy with the colours. Instead, on a dark green 4-6 cup Rogerware teapot from Victoria’s basement I think it works better.  The teapot’s green arms really show off the curves and I’ve always liked blue and green together!  Striped blue on green was a Farewell gift to a friend who changed jobs at the end of last year.